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January/February 2017

January 23rd: Zama Opens for 2017 Registration.
Zama opened its doors for 2017 registration on January 23rd which was again coordinated by our secretary, Vuyokazi. During the same week, the dusty studio and dressing rooms were cleaned and prepared for classes, and shopping was done for Feeding Scheme. Launched in 2010, the Feeding Scheme ensures all our students receive a delicious and nutritional meal after their 3 weekly classes. Sandwiches with assorted fillings, hotdogs or beef burgers with chips are all prepared daily on the premises by Nomtha and are accompanied by fruit, juice, or milk. Classes began on Wednesday the 25th and as always with a special welcome to our lovely new Grade 1 class. We spent time going through Zama’s Promise form with them, which they took home to be signed by their parents, and fitted them with their first pair of brand new ballet shoes. Our numbers are a little lower this year, much to the ballet shoe elastic sewers relief, but we have a lovely group from the Amy Foundation (Amy Biehl Foundation), making our Friday Introductory class the largest ever, with 40 dancers!

Our 2017 Grade 1’s stand in 1st position in their new blue leotards and ballet shoes.

Zama’s Intro class which includes 20 children from the Amy Foundation take their first stretch class under the watchful eye of Miss Leanne and with the assistance of our Grade 5 students

96 registered students this year, a little lower than 108 in January 2016
Registered Students 2017
Intro Class x 40
Grade 1 x 22
Grade 2 x 13
Grade 5 x 5
Seniors x 6

January 25th was also the first day of classes for the students at the Cape Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) in Westlake where Zama’s 2016 graduating student Thimna Sitokisi is now a fulltime student. A huge thank you to the Raymond Ackerman Foundation and James Fernie at Uthando for assisting Thimna with his daily travel costs from Gugulethu to Westlake and back, as well as CAPA for Thimna’s full bursary

February 4th: Friends and Other People (FOP) Rehearsals Began
Rehearsals for Friends and Other People (FOP) began on the first Saturday of the month and will continue until we first perform it in June. FOP was Leanne’s first large group piece for Zama and was first performed at the 2013 eisteddfod and was awarded 100% from the 3 adjudicators and a Diploma. This year’s FOP will include some of our junior dancers, making it a cast of 17 and our largest group in recent years

Zama seniors re learn FOP from a 2013 DVD and assist Leanne in rehearsals with the juniors

February 11th: The Great Moscow Circus
A very special thank you to Berniece Friedmann and the Producers of the Great Moscow Circus for inviting 15 of our students to their matinee performance on Saturday the 11th of February. Being an afternoon performance, we could include some of our younger students who were literally popping with excitement. We sat in one long row, which offered them plenty of opportunities to play around, but they were so well behaved and we felt so proud to be there with them.

From the students: For some of the younger ones it was their first circus and they were very excited driving there on the Zama bus. We were also excited, but Asanda said she was afraid of clowns. After the show, she said they were like normal actors who rehearsed their parts, and she is not afraid anymore. The clowns were very good. We all thought it was great and they all worked very hard. It was dangerous and everyone screamed. Even Mr Andrew. Thank you, Miss Leanne, and Mr Andrew for taking us and Miss Berniece for our chance to see the Great Moscow Circus in Cape Town.

Last Minute News and Our Thanks ...
Congratulations to former Zama Dance School student Candice Dongwe who graduates this June from the UCT School of Dance with a Dance Teacher's Diploma. Candice is pictured here (left) during her 3rd year at UCT with the internationally renowned South African dancer, choreographer Gregory Vuyani Maqoma.

Many thanks to Melissa, CAPA and the Ballet Shopfor the beautiful clothes, Vanessafor the teddys & colouring books, Megan & Valentina for the German chocolate,and the Great MoscowCircus for your wonderful performance.

8 yr olds Lilitha and Anako play ‘point and flex’ in the dressing room before class


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